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student having a free bass lesson
Free Bass Guitar Lesson


Have you ever wondered what it takes to make you the best possible bass player?

Is it learning scales, arpeggios and licks? Or knowing how to play fingerstyle and slap bass? Maybe it's understanding how to improvise and the knowledge needed behind it?

The Free Playing Analysis is the key to understanding your own playing and learning the skills you need to stand out.

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Free Bass Lesson On Zoom

Lesson Material

Your lessons are centred around 4 key areas.​

To give you total command of the bass , you'll follow a bespoke curriculum that's designed with these fundamental aspects in mind.Here are a few concepts we'll cover in your lessons:​

Core Instrument Technique

Level up your speed, articulation and vocabulary.

Pick up techniques used by the world's most influential bass players.

Perhaps it's your first time holding a bass, and you need to know the foundations.

In any case, instrument technique is a key component to your success.