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Student having an in Person bass lesson in Peterborough
Bass Lessons Peterborough


In person lessons are a great way to ensure your success on the bass.

Not only will you be learning in a comfortable, purpose-built environment, but you'll also have access to professional audio and recording equipment.

We'll also be able to take a hands on approach to subjects such as technique, instrument maintenance and gear.

*In person bass lessons take place from my Peterborough home studio.*

Don't Settle For Good

JFB Private Lessons combine the best parts of traditional bass education without the potential risks and drawbacks.

Unlike music schools, online platforms and most private tutors, you can be 100% certain that you're getting a totally unique learning experience.

With curriculum based, 1-to-1 lessons, you'll be following a custom learning pathway that's designed around your specific goals.

Taking your playing forward as quickly and efficiently as possible.


The most personalised lessons you'll find anywhere.


Planned, structured and solely focussed on your development.


Your goals are the destination and your curriculum is the compass.

Cost Efficient

Get every penny's worth with competitively priced lessons.

Your Personal Curriculum

With your playing analysis as the foundation, you'll be working to a a curriculum that's:

  • Structured to achieve your personal goals.

  • Based on your interests and playing style.

  • Planned lessons in advance so you can understand your pathway to success.

Lesson Plan

Using your custom curriculum as the framework, your 1-hour lessons will be unique and efficient. We'll be able to pick up where we left off every session, so that you can get the most out of your time and your playing.

Unique Resources

Following your lessons, you'll have access to your curriculum-specific digital resources, online assignments and weekly check-ins.  Crafted alongside your lessons, you can use these to continue your development at home and ensure that you're always on track to achieving your goals.

Weekly Assignments

To keep you accountable, you'll receive weekly assignments that encourage you to carry on the good work outside of your lessons. Getting you where you want to be, that much faster.

Regular Check-Ins

Stuck on something at home? Or have a question that needs answering? Out-of-lesson support is always available for the moments you need a little extra help.

Lesson Material

Your lessons are centred around 4 key areas.​

To give you total command of the bass , you'll follow a bespoke curriculum that's designed with these fundamental aspects in mind.Here are a few concepts we'll cover in your lessons:​

Core Instrument Technique

Level up your speed, articulation and vocabulary.

Pick up techniques used by the world's most influential bass players.

Perhaps it's your first time holding a bass, and you need to know the foundations.

In any case, instrument technique is a key component to your success.

Local Bass Teacher Peterborough

Theory, Harmony & Aural Awareness