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The Mission

My mission is to provide bass players with the musical education I wish I had received, by providing a linear, fully customised and goal-oriented music education for bass players.
My passion lies in your progress and I strive to cultivate a community where every student can confidently navigate the rhythm of their own success.


If you hadn't already guessed, my name's James. I'm an experienced bass player living in the UK.

I currently work as a tutor, offering exceptional online and in person lessons, as well as playing with multiple bands in either a resident or session bassist capacity.

It coming up on 17 years since I first picked up the bass guitar, which admittedly, was an accident. When asked in my first year of secondary school if anyone wanted to play the bass guitar, I raised my hand, not understanding the difference between bass and 6 string guitar.


You can probably imagine my disappointment as I was handed an instrument almost as big as me, and with 2 less strings to shred on. Nevertheless, I started lessons as the only bass player in a school of 2000, and was just happy to be playing music.


Skip ahead 17 years and it’s probably one of the best mistakes I’ve ever made.


My musical journey has been amazing, but it hasn’t always been easy, and I’m willing to bet that’s the reason you’re here too.

Pursuing musical education has led me down most of the established routes: music school, private tutors and online platforms.

And while they all had their merits, none could propel me to the next level of bass playing that I was so desperate to achieve.


After dedicating years of time, along with considerable amounts of money, I realised I needed a different approach learning the bass.

young james formosa playing bass
James Formosa headshot


Take a look below to find out a bit more about me and to see what makes JFB different.

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The JFB teaching system is made up of 4 parts.

Each part takes influence from traditional teaching routes.


Combined, the JFB system gives you a bass education without compromise on time, money or effort.

It's designed to be totally unique and centred around your bass playing, whilst removing the legwork from your practice. 

Playing Analysis

The playing analysis is the first step on your journey. It's where we can determine your strengths and weaknesses on the bass, your goals and musical interests. It's absolutely free and informal but a necessary step to get to know all about you.

Personal Curriculum

With your playing analysis as the foundation, you'll be working to a a curriculum that's: Structured to achieve your personal goals. Based on your interests and playing style. Planned lessons in advance so you can understand your pathway to success.

Lesson Plan

Using your custom curriculum as the framework, your 1-hour lessons will be unique and efficient. We'll be able to pick up where we left off every session, so that you can get the most out of your time and your playing.

Custom Resources

Following your lessons, you'll have access to your curriculum-specific digital resources, online assignments and weekly check-ins.  Crafted alongside your lessons, you can use these to continue your development at home and ensure that you're always on track to achieving your goals.

The Problem Is...

The problem is that, music schools, local tutors and online platforms aren't able to give you the time and planning necessary for your personal growth as a musician.

Think about it:

Music Schools:

Along with being wildly overpriced, resources are stretched over hundreds of students daily.

Local Tutors:

Good tutors are hard to find, and teaching is often a side gig. Leaving you with unplanned lessons and little direction.

Online Platforms:

By nature, these platforms cannot offer you a personalised experience that's focussed on your developing your skills.

bass collection

But What if..

But what if we just combined all of the best bits?

When you take a step back to look at these different educational paths, it's clear how individually flawed each of them can be. 

But when combined, can offer a comprehensive bass education that's:

  • Completely unique to you.​

  • Solely focussed on your improvement.

  • Suited to your level.

  • Designed to improve your playing as fast as possible.

  • Goal-oriented and easy to follow.

  • Provides out-of-lesson resources and support.

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